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We Welcome You to Factoring Articles

We created this site to provide entrepreneurs and others in business an easy way to find articles & information on factoring companies, factoring invoices, freight bills, construction receivables & third party healthcare receivables.

Our primary purpose is to create better understanding of financial options available to businesses including factoring, invoice discounting, purchase order funding and other secondary sources for business finance.

We want business people to learn about factoring before making a decision.

Google & Bing / Yahoo?

If you've searched the two remaining search engines lately you've probably noticed there's more missing than what is indexed these days.

Things that were once there are just gone...

This is true with factoring articles as much as anything else.

We attempt to keep this information accessible and easy to find through the Factoring Articles website.

Please keep in mind that just because one article states that something is done a certain way or can't be funded may not be accurate. Another factor may be very different.

Our database has over 500 factoring companies world wide.

In many cases competitive advantage only exist in the marketing plan of the factoring company. On the other hand each factor has different experiences and values.

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Learn about factoring now. Don't wait until you need it.

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If you would like your article added to the database you may  fill out the feedback form or call me at 417.437.3949.

We try to avoid "spun" articles (articles generated for Google ranking) so please don't submit them here.

What is Factoring?

Factoring, receivables finance, invoice discounting, recourse factoring, non-recourse factoring, confidential factoring, non-disclosure factoring, invoice finance, on and on and on.

What does it all mean? It is merely variations of the same transaction. Submitting a receivable (invoice, freight bill, medical billing, etc) for immediate payment based on a percentage of face value.

Similar to a credit card transaction.

Factoring Defined:
Business Dictionary
Investing School

You will find links to useful articles here that Google, Bing & Yahoo may have buried



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